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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Brain Breaks

I just came across the most fantastic, interactive website for brain breaks in the classroom!  My students this past year LOVED IT!  It's called GoNoodle, and it's incredible.  Each day, I'd go to this site and allow my students to take a break break!  There are songs, dance moves, and fun interactive body movement exercises that students can do!  You can choose the activity depending on how long you want your students to break.
But wait! The best part is this...after you sign up for the FREE website (umm yep, you heard me right...I said F-R-E-E) you can create a cute avatar for your class.  After doing so many brain breaks, your avatar gets bigger and bigger!  The kids love this!  Here's our avatar...

Here's our little guy (Frank)  after we did a bunch of brain breaks!  The kids LOVE to see how he grows.  I also tell them that the more they move and participate, the more Frank will grow and get stronger!   I would display the site on my Smartboard, and my kids would go!  They did songs, dances, and they really enjoyed "jumping hurdles" around the track.  After doing each brain break, my students got their wiggles out and were ready to learn!  

Once Frank grew as large and strong as he could, we got a new guy, Jim.
Here's Jim!

Try it for yourself!!  www.gonoodle.com 

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