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Friday, June 27, 2014

Classroom Labels

When people ask me what my favorite color is, I always have a hard time answering!  I've always loved ALL colors!  Each year, my classroom starts off one color, or maybe two colors...then it turns into this explosion of colors and personality.  So this year, I decided to go with it!  Why not do a rainbow themed classroom!??  Here's what I created...

Rainbow Classroom Labels!!  Yay!  

Table numbers!!

Daily 5 Signs!!

Daily Schedule!

But that's not all!  Here's all of the cool stuff I made:

6- Labels for Classroom Supplies
26-Alphabet Labels for Classroom Library Baskets
4-Labels for N, E, S, and W directions
7-Lables for M, T, W, R, F, S, and Sun.
4-Table Number Labels
5 -Daily 5 Signs Labels for Read to Self, Partner Reading, Word Work, Work on Writing, and Listening to Reading
1-Guided Reading Label
12-Monthly Labels with Jan-Dec
31- Numbers for student numbers or for days for each month
24- Daily Schedule Sign Labels
2- Blank Daily Schedule Signs Labels

18-Classroom Job Labels!
6-Blank Classroom Job Labels

Check it out on TPT!

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