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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

QR Codes for Reading

Do your students do "Listening to Reading" during reading workshop or the Daily 5???  If so, you might be interested in these...

I made QR Codes for your students to scan and listen to on an ipad, tablet, or smart phone/device.  If your students are anything like mine they you'll agree that it's difficult for them to type in web addresses into the search bar.  With my new QR Codes for Reading, they won't have to!

This is a set of 16 qr code stories read by celebrities through storylineonline. All stories are uploaded to YouTube, but run through safeshare to remove any unwanted ads or links. You will need a smart device and QR code reader in order to view the videos. 

Some stories included are…- A Bad Case of the Stripes- Library Lion- My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother- I need a Monster- Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch- Thank You Mr. Falker- Brave Irene…and many more!I print these sheets, slip them in pocket protectors, and my kids listen to the stories during “listening to reading” in Daily 5 by using my iPad. They love it! It’s so difficult for students to type in web addresses, so this is perfect! 

Check them out on my TPT store!!


  1. ahh that is so cool! I wish my students had ipads :(

  2. I only have 1. I wish I had more! My kids partner up and do this as a center activity.