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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mystery Reading

Sooooo reading by far is my favorite subject to teach!  I love to read many different books, and ultimately, I love instilling this same love and passion for reading in my students!

In third grade, we have an amazing reading unit... Mystery Book Clubs!  My kids loved this unit. Not only were they reading more than ever, but my students were digging deeply into their mysteries to solve them. Yes!  They were doing it!  My students were comprehending, discussing, predicting, and making inferences...AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT!

Check out my mystery book club packet:

This includes the following...

Mystery Cover
"Classified" Folder Cover for Kids
Clue Collection Page
Wonderings Page
Detective Dictionary Page
Plan for Book Club
Mystery Reading Log
Main Character Web/Graphic Organizer
Supporting Character Web/Graphic Organizer
Self Assessment
Group Assessment
Book Club Observation Form
Who's Who's Detective Sheet
Plot Thickening Sheet (Plot and Clues)
Discussion Book Club Starters
Ways to Respond Starters
Red Herrings Page
Schema/Clue/Inference Page
Bonus: Teacher Conference Page and Reading Goal Page!!

Check out my TPT store for this packet!

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